ProVent Technologies is the “Ventilation Division” of Steel Painters Inc. Steel Painters has been providing blasting and coating services to the industrial market since 1984 and has maintained an excellent safety record.

ProVent Technologies specializes in confined space ventilation for all petrochemical and refining markets along with construction

sites and power plants. Our custom systems are regularly utilized during planned turnarounds, emergency shutdowns,

and day to day maintenance.

Our confined space ventilation system is the most advanced option available in today’s market. Its unique and flexible design help

to make it an efficient and cost effective solution for a wide variety of confined space projects. Along with the system, ProVent Technologies offers a conceptual consultation, three dimensional engineered drawings, and onsite technical support to assist

with installation and operation. By utilizing our combination of equipment and services our customers have achieved a cleaner

work environment which ultimately leads to a safer job site for all workers involved as well as a proactive engineered control to

mitigate hazards.

ProVent’s systems have a series of standard and custom components that can be utilized to fit virtually any design based upon our customers’ requirements. Once the proper system has been engineered, our trained technicians will assemble the necessary equipment and accessories during pre-shutdown and disassemble once the project is complete. A single system is designed to operate at variable airflows up to 15,000 CFM. Additional units may be added depending upon the customers’ requirements which are typically based upon the size of the confined space, the number of workers, and the work to be performed. Our standard systems include: intrinsically safe high static blowers, 18" diameter aluminum and flexible ducting, 4" and 6" flexible hoses along with various manifolds and work enclosures. The 18" ducts are used for general ventilation requirements while the smaller 4" and 6" hoses are utilized for local or “at source” needs.  The “at source” ventilation is capable of providing a range of 400 cfm to 2000 cfm depending upon the job scope. Air filtration of the particulates is also available if required.

Fumes, dust, and particulates are captured by our systems at the source allowing little or no contamination of the general atmosphere. Additional benefits include the ability to control hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide and hexavalent chromium. OSHA Reg. # 1910.252 (c) (3) (i) amends the existing standard limiting occupational exposure. ProVent Technologies systems allow procedures such as grit blasting, metal spray, welding, and other mechanical tasks to occur simultaneously in the same confined space. After initial installation and quantitative testing are performed to assure the environment meets or exceeds OSHA guidelines, PPE requirements can be reduced to a minimum thus eliminating the need for costly supplied air. Our clients have experienced increased productivity, reduced eye injuries, and overall a healthier work environment that has never before been achieved.

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